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Jie Styles

162 W 84th St, New York, NY, 973-771-8828 Email:

Jie Styles

162 W 84th St New York, NY

Jie is an expert colorist and stylist who sees each client: both men and women, in high fashion or in daily motion, as citizens of the world with no boundaries. 

Jie recently joined the Salon 84 team after over fifteen years of experience as a stylist/colorist. She has entertained clients on the Upper West Side of New York for the past seven years. Prior to that, she styled for Fashion TV Asia in both Hong Kong and the Philippines and for MTV and ShodaVision Productions in New York.

Formerly the owner/operator of the Jie Salon in Shanghai, Jie's American and International experience gives her a multicultural view of life and of beauty. 

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