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Andrew's Fitness Training

Manhattan 10012, New York, NY, 716-239-6816 Email:

Andrew's Fitness Training

Manhattan 10012 New York, NY

Andrew was ranked among the top 3 personal trainers in New York City and is a published author. He recently released his latest book “Nutrition Mission:  Dieting Is Not Impossible.”  He works with private clients in Manhattan and the NYC area in their apartment building gyms and at gym and fitness studio locations throughout Manhattan.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Science in Health Wellness with a concentration in Nutrition. He obtained the prestigious NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification.  The CSCS is a credential of distinction known as the authority, gold standard, and best in the fitness industry.

Andrew’s fitness training consists of a personalized blend of resistance training, core exercise, interval training, and stretching. Nutritional counseling is also included to augment the effects of training.     

Andrew operates under the philosophy that getting in great shape, and achieving your ideal body is more mental than physical. Everyone is physically capable of exercising, eating right and changing their body. It is mindset that holds them back.  Mindset knowledge transfer is a subtle yet steadfast aspect of Andrew’s fitness training.

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