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Kale With a Side of Fries

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Kale With a Side of Fries

Manhattan New York, NY

About Tracey:

I love French fries! I guess you could call it my “guilty pleasure” except I no longer feel guilty when I indulge.  After many years of yo-yo dieting and waking up after having “bad days” because of whatever I ate the night before, I have finally learned the key to enjoying my favorite food: BALANCE!

Kale with a side of fries was born when I finally realized that by balancing my favorite foods (and wine!) with my love for health, veggies and feeling energized, I could teach others to do the same.

About Health Coaching:

Let's work together! You’re making a choice to love your body and to allow your body to love you back. Individual and group coaching can jumpstart your body to allow for the real transformation to begin. While food and diet may be what you initially want to work on, we will dive deep into so much more than just your daily meals and how to increase your protein intake. Upon completing our work together, you will develop new and different rules, habits and feel completely different in your body. This isn’t a quick fix program, but rather making these new habits last, as they will become your new lifestyle. But don’t worry! There is always room for French Fries. My programs are all about balance so you won’t have to completely give up Anything that you really love!

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