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FitNox Personal Training

Manhattan 10038, New York, NY, 347-404-4458 Email:

FitNox Personal Training

Manhattan 10038 New York, NY

FitNox is a New York City based In-Home Personal Training Company founded by ILDIKO BIRO, with busy New Yorkers in mind. 

FitNox is committed to help and inspire YOU to adopt a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of YOUR daily living. At FitNox we train movements and mindsets, a balanced body and mind that can take you through LIFE. Specialized in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition. If you have previous injuries or any physical limitation, that stopped you from working out till now, I am here to work with you. If weight loss and diet change is your goal I have a lifetime of experience in that. If you want better health and a pain free body we can work towards that, too. 

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