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Thomas G.W. Johnson Jr. (TJ) is an ambitious and determined young man who grew up in a household that enforced hard work and dedication. Being the eldest of five siblings, he’s always been the one to lead by example. He believes this is the best way to teach others. He received his B.S. at the State University of New York, where he studied Nutrition, Personal training and Expeditionary studies.

TJ have worked with various individuals and have worked and volunteered at various health and fitness facilities. He believes that a person’s lifestyle is heavily influenced by their habits. So it’s important to recognize negative habits and correct them as early as possible to enable a healthy lifestyle. He lives by this very notion and encourages others to give it a try in their daily lives.

As the CEO of GetUpNGetFit LLC he strives on helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals through coaching them on how to choose foods that are nutrient dense for consumption, how to train safely and most effectively in regards to their goals, postural re-adjustments, education and motivational support.


  • Classes are held at Pearl Studios and Training Sessions are held at Complete Body and client's residence


    Complete Body
    22 W 19th Street, New York, NY

    Pearl Studios
    519 8th Avenue, 12th floor (bet. 35th & 36th), New York, NY

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Private Training

Private Training

One-on-one hands on training that is tailored towards the client’s health and fitness goals. Every session focuses on proper technique and execution of the exercise performed.

Group Training

Group Training

A two-trainer tag team approach to personal training that is conducted in a group setting. As one trainer instructs the group the other walks around motivating and making necessary adjustments to the participants’ form.

Posture Workshop

Posture Workshop

An hour and thirty minute lecture and practical workshop that focuses on education of postural distortion, analysis and implementation of correcting the problem.

Health & Fitness Workshop

Health & Fitness Workshop

An hour lecture and practical workshop that covers Nutrition Analysis, Hydration, Postural Analysis, Exercise, Flexibility and Sleep.

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