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Core Rhythm Fitness

22 W 19th Street, New York, NY,

Core Rhythm Fitness

22 W 19th Street New York, NY

CORE RHYTHM FITNESS LLC is a holistic personal fitness/nutrition company that is passionate about body, mind and spirit transformation. CRF specializes in shredding, defining and sculpting the body; engaging and empowering the mind; and encouraging and inspiring the spirit. 

Pilates is the foundation of CRF, fusing rhythmic cardio and isolated/structural weight training.

Our custom nutrition partnerships involve a tailored Nutrition Narrative, as well as accountability and assessments provided by Team CRF. Our partnerships are unique because we provide a hands-on journey that is unique to each client. We are your team! 

Regardless of your fitness/nutrition goals, CORE RHYTHM FITNESS will transform your body, elevate your mind and inspire you to move forward and maximize your optimal self. 

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CRF Sculptone Series

CRF Sculptone Series

Jump start your day with giving your body: Power, Intention, and Purpose! This class will sculpt your body with power, chisiel your abs with intention, and make you sweat with purpose! We combine the High Intensity Cardio format with meditation and pilates where your body, mind, and spirit can experience transformation at the Core! Styles include, Tabata, Metcon, Circuit, Soma Sculpt, and Pilates. Ready, Set, Boom!!!!

Towel Service but please ask at front desk


Showers and Lockers provided.

CRF Pilates Workshop at Hub Seventeen (Lululemon)

CRF Pilates Workshop

This CRF PILATES is an intense structured class filled with energy movement and passion that will stretch you, challenge you, and empower you beyond what you could imagine.

***Please arrive 10-15 min before class begins to check in and set up.

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    03:00 AM to 05:00 AM
    CRF Locations

    The Shred

    THE SHRED is an intense combination package of the full Core Rhythm Fitness experience: Tailored Nutrition, Group Fitness Classes and Premium Accountability geared to sculpt, define and SHRED. 

    THE SHRED is a challenge. The challenge offers: 

    10 CRF Group Fitness Sessions (Must attend minimum of 3 per week)

    *Schedule TBA

    2 Week Tailored Nutrition Narrative (CRF Chapter I)

    A custom nutrition narrative created from your Urinalysis lab results to identity what your body absorbs, what it burns and what YOU need to be eating! 

    *The participant who loses the most lbs., inches and body fat % will receive a free private 1-on-1 CRF Personal Fitness Session and 50% off of the remaining Chapters in their CRF Nutrition Narrative (Chapters II - IV). Connect today to schedule an assessment - All assessments must be completed by February 15th. 

    THE CRF 2-Week SHRED begins on February 29th

    PRICE: $600 (Altogether this is a $1500 value) 

    (Have you already done CRF Nutrition? You can join THE SHRED challenge of fitness and accountability with your previous Chapter I for $300)