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Rachel Bennett Yoga

Rachel Bennett Yoga, New York, NY, (917) 538-1949 Email:

Rachel Bennett Yoga

Rachel Bennett Yoga New York, NY

Rachel believes yoga is a life changer. Teaching for over nine years, she is known for her scrupulous attention to alignment and her fun and juicy flow series, Rachel challenges all levels of students to find their highest level of expression in each pose. With each breath, we can reclaim and rebuild our bodies, literally making them stronger and more supple. Rachel teaches basic, intermediate and advanced yoga flow classes. Both in private and group sessions, she focuses intently on the breath, allowing maximum stretch and detox in every single pose. A former dancer, she believes in the transforming power of Yoga as healer and youth serum, and it is her passion to spread these beautiful teachings to as many people as she can!

Rachel has taught at many studios throughout the city including Equinox, Mercedes Club, The Educational Alliance, New York Sports Club and Bija Yoga. She’s had the privilege of teaching yoga to inner city youth in the Bronx, people suffering with dementia, and in several office spaces, including L’Oreal and Fresh Direct. She is the guest yoga teacher each year at The New Dramatist's "Playtime Series", a graduate of Yoga Works, she recently completed her teacher training with Liberation Prison Yoga, having worked with women just released from Rikers Island. In addition, she completed a year-long advanced anatomy training in Bones, Joints and Common Injuries at Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers last year. She has taken numerous workshops at Jivamukti Yoga and the Shambhala Center

With awareness, breath and constant dedication, the body will shift, and so will the mind. She can't wait to share yoga with you!

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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Have you ever wondered if your stance was correct in downward facing dog (or perhaps what downward facing dog IS?), felt a pain in your lower back with a forward fold, or never understood how to hop to the front of the mat or where your arms should be in Warrior 2? You are not alone! The gift of a private session is clarification, so that your body can find true balance and equilibrium.

Working together, we will address the specifics of a pose, so you feel confident of your alignment, placement of hands and feet and where to originate a movement from. I will guile you with each breath, offering hands on assists to help lengthen your spine. When the bones are properly stacked and the breath conscious, the body starts to shift to optimal ease and grace.

    I come to your home. Types of sessions include:
  • • gentle
  • • hardcore vinyasa, including difficult arm balances and arm binds
  • • yoga with pranayama and meditation
  • • prenatal

Twice weekly is recommended.

Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga


  • • Morning Launch: Start fresh and energize your body for peak performance. (45-60 minutes).
  • • Lunchtime Rejuvenate: Leave your desk and renew your mind over lunch break or at a time that works for you. (45 minutes)
  • • After Hours: Finish the day with a practice that relieves stress and clears your mind. (60 minutes)
  • • Or, Incorporate stretch, breathing techniques & meditation for brainstorming meetings, orientations or conferences on an individual basis.

Benefits of Yoga in the work place:

  • • Increases productivity, efficiency, concentration, and decreases missed work days due to illness.
  • • Creates a stronger immune system, increased circulation and diminishes
  • • Improves breathing, increases oxygen to lungs, flexibility, strength and mobility, balances heart rate,and circulation, improves self-esteem, eases depression and reduces headaches.
  • • Increases concentration, mental focus, productivity, motivation, communication skills and time management.
  • • Increases creativity and enhances decision-making abilities by improving overall awareness.
  • • Eases physical pain that results from sedentary work and repetitive strain with long work hours at computer.
  • • Improves employee job satisfaction, builds camaraderie among coworkers and fosters better brainstorming.

An hour of yoga in the middle of your work day can shift one’s entire perspective. A yoga class leaves people feeling more energized, alert and happy and helps battle fatigue and lack of focus. People go back to the drawing board with a fresh perspective and more is done with greater ease and efficiency.

Month of





    07:00 PM to 10:00 PM
    Center for Remembering & Sharing (CRS) 123 4th Ave. New York, NY 10003

    Treat, Renew, Rejuvenate

    Yoga class with Rachel Bennett

    7:15-8:30 PM 
    Often, by doing less we attain more. In this session, multifaceted yoga instructor Rachel Bennett will lead you through a series of simple postures that ground the body, calm the mind and balance the adrenal glands. Building to a slow flow, this class will focus on heart and hip openers, culminating in a pranayama portion (breath work) where you will learn the ancient techniques of nodhi shodhana (alternate nostril breath) and kumbhaka (the pause between and inhale and exhale). You will leave with a "self-love look kit", in touch with your intuition and with more space inside to invite what you truly want into your life.


    Nutrition Consultation with Amy Salman

    8.15-10.00 PM 

    Are you looking to increase energy, reduce stress and food cravings, shed unwanted pounds, or simply live a healthier, happier life? In this complimentary consultation, Holistic Health Coach, Amy Salman, will assess your concerns using a "whole systems" approach. She will personalize a nutrition care plan identifying root causes and helping restore the body to vibrant health using natural means alone.

    Skin treatment by The Collagen Bar

    7.30 – 10.00 PM 
    Continue your evening with a skin consultation followed by a skin tightening and eye treatment by Diana Seo, owner, founder and primary aesthetician behind the exclusive new skin lab The Collagen Bar. You will walk away with a refreshed look and free samples of Diana’s restorative eye treatment product.



    07:00 PM to 08:30 PM
    Center for Remembering & Sharing (CRS) 123 4th Ave. New York, NY 10003

    SPACE: A yoga workshop on how to find and cultivate it!

    This workshop combines slow yoga, relaxation, meditation and contemplation, to become present to the ever-changing now. 
    Together we will build to a sweet flow, opening the energy channels of the body to reconnect to the truth behind all the chatter, ending with a deep relaxation, leaving you feel restored and open to receive.