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Body Conceptions

Body Conceptions, New York, NY, 347-674-9552

Body Conceptions

Body Conceptions New York, NY

Body Conceptions is designed to create the coveted lean and sculpted body of a dancer, but you don’t have to be a dancer to do it! Throughout each class, every part of your body is targeted - from your arms and abs to your thighs, glutes and heart. Both the cardio and body-sculpting components of the method use integrated movements that involve multiple muscles and require engagement of the core. Every class will test your limits - but the current, exciting music combined with the energy and joy infused into the workout will make you almost forget you are working so hard!

In a city full of Type A exercisers, Mahri knew that it was important to provide a workout that really works. By combining the sculpting and cardio training she developed throughout her career with moves that come from her favorite dance classes and fitness principles, she created a method that truly changes your physique. The Body Conceptions method has proven to produce intense results over and over – creating a dancer’s physique while also improving athletic ability, core strength and self-awareness. Clients feel stronger, happier and more capable in their day-to-day lives because of the method. They experience easier pregnancies and quicker recovery, and they feel more confident. They also make some great life-long friends in class, and they feel like part of a true community.


  • All weekday classes are held at Bella Vita in Flatiron


    Bella Vita
    161 West 22nd Street
    ground floor

    All weekend classes are held at Stepping Out Studios

    Stepping Out Studios
    37 West 26th Street
    9th floor

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BoCo Classic

Signature classes in the Body Conceptions Method incorporate integrative cardio and body sculpting exercises that burn fat, exercise the heart, and target all areas of the body from the arms and abs to the thighs, seat, and back


BoCo Power 45

BoCo Power 45 packs a punch! In just 45 minutes, this class provides you with just as thorough, intense, and targeted a workout as our signature BoCo Classic. Just a bit faster, more condensed, and more powerful. And you’ll have time to shower and get to work in no time!


BoCo Power Sculpt

This is an intense, full-body sculpting experience without the impact and all the sweating! You’ll work every part of your body using a range of props and exercises designed to sculpt a dancer’s physique while elevating your heart rate and taking you to your limit


BoCo Blast 45

For those of you who want more a blood-pumping, heart-racing workout, this is the class for you!! All in 45 minutes, this class is designed to raise your heart rate and keep you sweating through a series of jumping and plyometric blasts – while still exhausting and strengthening every part of your body. Join us in Cardio Blast before heading off to dinner or an evening with friends. Just hope you’ve stopped sweating by the time you get there!



BroCo incorporates full-body planks and push-ups, high intensity intervals, circuits, and in-class challenges using the integrative exercise format that makes Body Conceptions so effective. Work every inch of your body while sweating it out to killer music. What could be better?

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