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M Dance & Fitness

M Dance & Fitness, New York, NY, (212) 361-9948 Email:

M Dance & Fitness

M Dance & Fitness New York, NY

Welcome to M Dance & Fitness, NYC

If you want fun classes, friendly people, a place to feel like you fit in and can't wait to come back to, this is the place for you!

M Dance is a diverse community of independent, fun-loving, "real" women (and men, we just don't have many) who enjoy spending our well-deserved me time dancing, sweating, laughing and remembering that who we are on the inside is what really counts.

Preregistration required at No drop ins.

Never taken a dance class before? Haven't worked out in a while? No worries. We welcome beginners and every class is a judgement-free zone -- that means no judging yourself, either!

See you soon!

Misty Clark, Owner


  • Please direct all questions to, not the studios.


    Midtown W30s

    Pearl Studios
    519 8th Avenue, 12th floor (bet. 35th & 36th)

    Dany Studios
    305 W38th Street, 2nd floor (bet. 8th & 9th)

    Midtown W50s

    Nola Studios
    244 W54th Street, floors vary (bet. 8th & Broadway)

    Union Square/Flatiron

    Cap21 Studios
    18 W18th Street, 6th floor (bet. 5th & 6th)

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Class Descriptions


Classic Dance Cardio:


Style: Fun, high-energy latin dance party with salsa, reggaeton and more.

Format: Only 3-4 steps per song. Easy for beginners to follow.

Dance Cardio Combo

Style: An equal mix of latin, kickbox and hip hop dance cardio moves.

Format: Same as Zumba.

Dance Mix Cardio

Style: Dance cardio moves set to a mix of music styles.

Format: Same as Zumba.

Hip-Hop Cardio

Style: Dance cardio moves set to pop/hip hop music.

Format: Same as Zumba.

Zumba/Hip Hop Cardio Combo

Style: An equal mix of Zumba and hip hop dance cardio moves.

Format: Same as Zumba.

Power Dance Cardio:

* You should be doing cardio workouts at least 3x/week before taking these classes.*

Hi5 Dance Cardio + HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Style: Variety of dance cardio routines plus fat-burning HIIT intervals.

Format: 40-45 min. of dance cardio + three 5-min. HIIT intervals.

Zumba with HIIT & Stretch

Style: The Zumba you know and love plus two high intensity intervals.

Format: 40-45 min. of dance cardio + two 5-min. HIIT intervals + stretch.


Better Buns & Guns

Style: Mix of kickboxing, squats and arm exercises for buns of steel & sculpted arms.

Format: Mix of dance cardio and strength/toning exercises.

Barre Strength & Stretch (Bring your own mat)

Style: Targeted exercises to strengthen legs, arms and abs.

Format: Mix of barre, mat and center. NO prior experience needed.

*Low Impact*

PiYo Live by Beachbody (Bring your own mat)

Style: A mix of fat burning, core-firming and body conditioning exercises.

Format: Mat-based.

*Low Impact*

Classic Dance Cardio + Dance Routine:

* NO Dance Experience Needed *

Dance Cardio Va Va Voom

Style: All the sweaty fun of dance cardio + learn a fun, beginner friendly routine.

Format: 40-45 min. traditional dance cardio + short dance routine.

Hip Hop Cardio/Burlesque

Style: Hip hop cardio + learn burlesque moves. A safe space to let your sexy out!

Format: Mix of traditional dance cardio + a burlesque routine.

Swing/Musical Theater Cardio

Style: Swing dance cardio + learn a fun Broadway-style routine.

Format: 40-45 min. traditional dance cardio + short Musical Theater routine.

Classic Dance Cardio + Strength/Toning:

Abs & Arms (Light resistance bands provided.)

Style: Dance cardio with moves targeting abs & arms + chair and resistance band exercises.

Format: Dance cardio + guided strength, toning and resistance work.

*Low Impact*.

Bollywood-African/BollyClicks Cardio

Style: Use colorful scarves and sticks to tone upper and lower body.

Format: Same as Zumba.

4-in-1 (Weights optional. Bring your own.)

Style: 4-in-1 combo of kickboxing, Zumba Toning, Zumba and Bollywood cardio.

Format: Same as Zumba.

Strength/Toning + Beginner Dance:

* NO Dance Experience Needed *

Ballet Buff + Barre (No mat needed)

Style: Basic ballet-based exercises for leaner legs and better posture + a trick for flatter abs without sit-ups!

Format: Mix of floor, barre and center. Low Impact. Beginners welcome.

*Low Impact*

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